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My website and book, Aging Artfully, are about the twelve women aged 85-105 who inspired my work, and about promoting positive healthy aging for the general public.


Currently, I work with Boomers and beyond as they write their own life stories in supportive, positive group settings. Please get in touch if you’d like to get motivated and finally write down those stories that you’ve been wanting to write for a while — online or in person.

It’s never too late to start something new…it could prolong your life…

I am advocating involvement with the creative arts and other arts in retirement years. In the process of interviewing many artistic women over 85, I met Greg Young. Young, a Boomer just in retirement from UC Berkeley, had recently finished a documentary of the eccentric Mary Beth Washington, a storyteller on the Aging Artfully cover. He was ready for his next film and what emerged is Still Kicking, which follows 6 of the 12 women in the book, all over 90.

“I’ll never look at an old woman the same way again,” said one male viewer. “You never know what’s behind that face.” 

A while ago I gave a presentation to Boomers and others in retirement, and during the discussion one woman near the front piped up. “I’m 95,” she said, “and I’m a painter but I can no longer paint with my right hand. That’s not going to stop me. I started painting with my left hand!”

berkeleyvoiceIt’s that kind of spirit I found in all the women I interviewed. Engagement, Inspiration, Optimism, Creativity, Resilience. When there’s an obstacle, these role models find a way around it. The women artists demonstrate for Boomers and the rest of us, that there are ways to promote healthy aging through a positive attitude. May they give you inspiration to age gracefully, age positively and age artfully.

Whether you call it healthy aging, creative aging, aging gracefully, successful aging or just plain aging well, the women artists in the book are exemplary role models for all of us. 

I created Project Arts and Longevity out of my love for stories, and for passing on the legacies of older women. I continue searching for answers on how to age gracefully. So far, three PAL projects are out in the world:

  • Aging Artfully: Profiles of Visual and Performing Women Artists 85-105, the book, e-book and audio book by Amy Gorman
  • Still Kicking, a film by Greg Young
  • 7 Songs of Women’s Lives, a CD by Frances Kandlsongs written about some of the women in the book

Amy Gorman won a coveted bronze IPPY Award for her book, Aging Artfully: 12 Profiles of Visual and Performing Women Artists, in the category of Women’s Issues.