Book Excerpts

Excerpts from the book Aging Artfully:



We just lived tap dancing & didn’t know what time of day it was sometimes.  

Dorothy Toy, Asian tap dancer in the Caucasian style, now teacher.         


Of creativity she says, An unfamiliar look at the familiar. And, Old age is hot right now. They don’t know what to do with us.

Isabel Ferguson is a painter, poet, illustrator, actor


ANN DAVLIN aka Grace Lowell, 93

People want me to be what they think their version of me is. That is not how I am. If I can discover all the innuendoes in my old age, I think you go on forever. You discover new things all the time, and old things come back in a different guise.

Ann Davlin is a ballet dancer and teacher, former song and dance performer, kindergarten teacher, and Jungian devotee.

FrancesCatlett2ndfrom right,_87
Frances Catlett second from right.