Writing Groups

Want to write your personal stories but don’t know where to begin?

Life Story Writing Groups are ongoing. You don’t have to be a writer to get those stories down on paper! Small, positive, supportive groups…

Contact Amy Gorman for information on Guided Autobiography groups.


“Amy Gorman is skilled in helping you to recognize critical junctures in your life and gently helps you explore them. And she makes such self-discovery delicious.”

— JC

“Amy’s autobiography class has unexpectedly nudged to the surface subconscious experiences that my memory never would have recollected but for Amy’s suggestive thought process.”

— Linda K

“The group provides an incentive to write and Amy creates a safe space which encourages reflection and honesty.”

–Susan G.

“Amy has a remarkable skill in creating community in a group. We were encouraged to go deeply into our own lives, rediscovering meaningful relationships we had buried and fun we had forgotten. She modeled the support and encouragement each of us then gave to each other. It was a very energizing experience!”

— Liz

“The guided autobiography class led by Amy Gorman was magnificently insightful, meaningful and joyful. Amy was able to create an atmosphere were 8 highly individuated women bonded and cared deeply for one another as they shared their unique stories. I loved the experience which could only have been accomplished with the skill and gentleness that Amy brought to the table.”

— Joan Diamond

“The autobiography writing opportunities that Amy Gorman’s group offers were deeper and more useful for me than “morning pages” or other journal writing.

The orientation of the group asks members to read their writings to each other which often felt like we were creating a tapestry from pieces of each others lives that connected and inspired our writing. Writing about significant life events, family history and other revealing themes offered opportunities for personal investigation and understanding. The sensitizing questions that accompany each theme are both useful and creative. ”

— Eve Corey Poling